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Actually, Hordes Of Highly Sophisticated Unidentified Aircraft Have Been Flying Over U.S. Territory

Things are starting to get really strange.

First, a “Chinese spy balloon” was shot down off the coast of South Carolina after it had traveled across much of the continental United States. Then, another “unidentified object” was shot down over Alaska. Subsequently, at the request of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a third “unidentified object” was shot down over Canada. And now we have just learned that a fourth “unidentified object” has been shot down over Lake Huron. In addition, a congressman from Montana is reporting that there is an “unidentified object” flying over his state. On top of everything else, China is telling us that an “unidentified object” has been flying near the Chinese port city of Qingdao. All of a sudden, these sightings have become the biggest news story in the entire country, and I think that it is likely that there will be even more sightings in the days ahead.

But let’s put all of this into perspective.

The only reason why most people are freaking out about this story is because the mainstream media is freaking out about this story.

If the mainstream media was ignoring this story, they would also be ignoring this story.

We have been trained to believe that a story is important only when the mainstream media tells us that it is important.

If millions of Americans want to get excited about some balloons, that is fine.

I will get excited with them.

But the truth is that hordes of highly sophisticated unidentified aircraft have been flying over U.S. territory for years.

Let me give you some examples. Starting in December 2019, large groups of “unidentified drones” were repeatedly spotted flying over northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska

A formation of unidentified drones, some in groups of 30, have been reported flying high above a corner of rural northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska, usually from 7 to 10 p.m. By some accounts, the drones have wingspans of 6 feet or more. “They can sit there and hover. They can descend very fast. They can take off very fast,” Wyatt Harman, who chased the drones as they flew above his land in Washington County, Colorado, told the “TODAY” show. He and his girlfriend, Chelsea Arnold, said they pursued the lights for about 15 miles, driving as fast as 70 mph.

These drones were very large and could fly at extremely high speeds.

Pretty soon, there were also sightings in Kansas. At the time, multiple witnesses reported seeing formations of up to 50 drones flying in very precise “grid formations”

Meanwhile, neighbouring Nebraska and Kansas were also dealing with their own mysterious drone swarms. From December 2019 to January 2020, residents of the three states were perturbed by multiple sightings of numerous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with wingspans of up to 6ft flying between 6pm and 10pm in grid formations. On the same night that Iovinella was receiving calls, a Nebraska deputy reported seeing 30 to 50 drones in the sky. Witnesses were alarmed by the size and speed of the vehicles. “It got to the point that we were fixing to take up arms,” says Mike, 39, from Lindon, Colorado, who wishes to retain partial anonymity.

To me, a large fleet of highly sophisticated drones flying at very high speed is a lot more alarming than a few high altitude balloons.

Quite frequently, unidentified drones appear to be very interested in national security targets of a highly sensitive nature. In fact, from March 2018 to April 2021, there were “four reports of unidentified airborne vehicle intrusions at sensitive U.S. government nuclear laboratories”…

Freedom of Information Act requests by the Washington Examiner have returned four reports of unidentified airborne vehicle intrusions at sensitive U.S. government nuclear laboratories between March 2018 and April 2021. In each case, security officers failed to identify the operator of these apparent vehicles or their intent.

U.S. military bases and ships that belong to the U.S. Navy are also common targets. For example, last year footage of a very alarming incident in which a drone swarm flew very close to the USS Zumwalt in April 2019 was released to the public

New footage from the U.S. Navy shows a drone swarm of unknown origin flying over the USS Zumwalt, a highly sensitive “stealth destroyer” in the waters off California in April 2019. The video, obtained by The War Zone via the Freedom of Information Act, features a sailor describing a set of lights from six drones above the USS Zumwalt as he filmed the encounter

Of course that was not just an isolated incident.

According to an “interim report” that was released in June 2022, there were 144 incidents of unidentified aircraft flying near U.S. military targets over a period of 17 years…

Sightings of what appear to be aircraft flying without discernible means of propulsion have been reported near military bases and coastlines, raising the prospect that witnesses have spotted undiscovered or secret Chinese or Russian technology. An interim report released by US intelligence officials last year counted 144 sightings of aircraft or other devices apparently flying at mysterious speeds or trajectories. In all but one of the sightings investigated, there was too little information for investigators to even broadly characterise the nature of the incident.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Many more incidents were later added to that report, and ultimately the grand total reached a whopping 510 incidents

The March 2021 date represents the end of a preliminary assessment period by ODNI that spanned 17 years, during which there were 144 UAP reports. Since that date, another 119 incidents that took place before March 2021 but weren’t included in the preliminary assessment were also reported — bringing the total number of reports to 510 as of late August 2022.

So I am glad that there is finally an uproar about the lack of security in the skies above our heads.

Because vast hordes of drones have been regularly violating U.S. air space for a long time.

And in case you are wondering, yes, drones can deliver weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, our leaders continue to move us even closer to cataclysmic conflicts with both Russia and China, and the death and destruction that such conflicts could cause would be unimaginable.

So let us hope that our leaders will decide to reverse course and start pressing for peace while it is still possible to do so.

Because if we stay on the path that we are on, eventually someone will make a mistake that will not be able to be erased, and then millions upon millions of people will die.


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