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Back to the USSR: Hints from On High

If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, wealth of experience with counter battery warfare and large caliber multiple rocket systems, made in North Korea, want to participate in the conflict, well let’s give the green light to their volunteer impulse.

Speaking on Rossiya 1 Television, Col. Igor Korotchenko said that North Korea had offered Russia 100,000 “volunteer” troops to fight in Ukraine. “Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas,” he added, describing the North Korean troops as “Resilient and undemanding”; but more important, he said they were “motivated.” What was most curious was the communist phraseology used by Korotchenko to describe this offer of troops from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un: “If North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty to fight against Ukrainian fascism, we should let them.”

According to a Soviet textbook, written by Kharis Sabirov in 1987, we are living in the “period of transition from capitalism to socialism” where socialism is “the first phase of the communist formation….” The text further explained, “Socialism, which is the negation of capitalism, means a revolutionary restructuring of all spheres of bourgeois society on the principles of scientific communism.” This can only be done in the course of a relentless struggle by stamping out the sources of [bourgeois] might….” The founder of the Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin, said that revolutionary socialism was international in character. After World War II, the followers of Lenin asserted that the communist parties of all countries have an international duty to unite and assist one another. In doing this, they were following Lenin’s lead. According to Sabirov, Lenin “upheld the principle of internationalism….” In this context, communist North Korea does not simply fight for the national interests of North Korea or of Russia. North Korea is duty-bound to the other socialist countries.

Korotchenko’s allusion to North Korea’s “international duty” is therefore a clue from on high. As he is Putin’s toady, he would never say anything to displease his boss. He would never use Leninist terminology unless that terminology was approved at the highest levels. The obliteration of the Ukrainian state, he has affirmed, is “absolutely healthy.” Why is it healthy? Because it signifies the restoration of the Soviet Union. In past appearances on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1, Korotchenko outlined an optimistic scenario for “capturing the Baltic countries.” What possible reason could Russia have for invading three independent NATO countries? What possible reason does Russia have for invading and destroying the country of Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin’s political ally, former President Dmitri Medvedev, recently posted a controversial item on social media that has since been deleted. The post was about restoring the Soviet Union. Medvedev called into question the “independence of ex-Soviet states.” According to the Crux Channel, “Medvedev’s post … called for the return of all ex-Soviet states and the re-establishment of [the] USSR.” To explain away Medvedev’s post, the Kremlin claimed the former Russian president’s social media account had been hacked. Crux noted, however, that “many experts pointed out that the post was written in a style similar to [Medvedev’s] previous posts.” The idea that Medvedev could have been hacked is disputed by the fact that “Russia’s Security Council [on which Medvedev serves] is covered by a huge security [umbrella].” Furthermore, Medvedev’s post was consistent with recent Kremlin propaganda. The former Russian president also said that Georgia and Kazakhstan are not sovereign countries – just as Putin claimed Ukraine is not a sovereign country. Medvedev said that “Georgia had never existed before its reunification with the Russian Empire in the 19th century,” adding that Kazakhstan has been committing genocide against Russians. He also said, “all the people who once lived in the great and mighty Soviet Union will once again live together,” and that Russia is “getting ready to undertake the next move to restore the borders of our homeland.” Crux reports that Putin’s critics believe Moscow is aiming at a Soviet restoration, though confusion remains among those who erroneously say that Putin is restoring the Russian Empire.

To convince the Russian people that they need, once more, to live under communism, a propaganda of anti-Western hate has been obligatory in the country’s state-controlled media. Putin may sound reasonable at times, but his spokesmen and flunkies tell us what he is really thinking. Medvedev, who is now Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, was asked to comment on the West. His answer was: “I hate them. They are bastards and degenerates. They want us, Russia, to die. And while I’m still alive, I will do everything to make them disappear.”

Will Moscow call on North Korean troops to fight in Ukraine? Will Moscow reinstate the Soviet Union? The KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned, in 1984, that the USSR was organizing its own collapse in the form of a “controlled liberalization.” Golitsyn wrote, “After the successful use of the scissors strategy in the early stages of the final phase of policy … a Sino-Soviet reconciliation could be expected. It is contemplated and implied by the long-range policy and by strategic disinformation on the [Sino-Soviet] split.”

Few bothered to read Golitsyn, who was slandered by journalist Thomas Mangold as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” Few career pundits or politicians dared mention Golitsyn’s uncanny predictions about the fall of the Soviet Union. But now we approach the communist end-game. The things Golitsyn warned about – the sudden revival of Soviet power – are happening before our eyes. In respect of grand strategy, Golitsyn’s warnings were prescient. But he was not psychic. He did not hear voices. His predictions were based on a deep understanding of Soviet strategic ideas. Our “consensus” politicians did not understand these ideas and fell into Moscow’s trap. Our foreign policy Mandarins, competent at foreign languages and social science, knew little of another foreign language – the language of communist strategy.

Our poli sci Mandarins, relying on game theory and mathematical models, ignored Golitsyn’s “New Methodology.” Sovietologist Francis Fukuyama characterized the fall of the Soviet Union as “the end of history.” These people never understood the mind of their enemy. Even now they are groping in the dark. Our elite schools have failed. Our elite strategists have failed. We have entered a crisis familiar in history, where a great nation is unexpectedly laid low by its own incompetent leadership.

A providential corrective, known to past ages, will be our topic for next week. Please see the add for my new book below, The Lies We Believe In.


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