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Call for the Wailing Women

Great death and devastation coming to tel-aviv

In the third watch of the night (after midnight) on Thursday 10th of May, I had a very upsetting dream. In it, I could hear a man with an Israeli accent singing a lament over and over. I do not remember all the words he sang now but I could see him out of the corner of my eye, at the edge of my field of vision, rocking backward and forwards and grieving over his nation. Some of the words he said were, “Yisra’el, O Yisra’el, how the mighty have fallen; hear the mothers weeping, O Yisra’el” and he repeated the same theme over and over as he wept and we watched a long line of plain brown wooden coffins file past us. As long as the scene lasted, that line of coffins did not end.

Remember also that whenever something happens to natural Israel, it is a prophetic picture of what is going to happen in the Church of Jesus Christ. The enemy is ramping up his attack and God is allowing the head to be struck that the heart may turn to Him. All idolatry within His Body will be dealt with.


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