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My open vision of 'MEDUSA'S HEAD OF SNAKES' rising over America and the world's capital cities, destined for soon coming destruction.

This morning at 4;30 am, I was awakened first with the following words -' people are openly giving themselves to the demonic entrance, even having secret sessions and ceremonies to invoke these entities to inhabit their bodies. There will be new 'out in the open acknowledgments that -' it's cool to have sex with demons,' resulting in a new cult of evil. Immediately after these words were given, I saw multiple gorgon heads, like medusa heads, of snakes, coiling up around major cities worldwide, but primarily in North America, Canada, and Mexico. People were renouncing their birth names and taking on the terms of the demons that they so willingly embraced and who now dominated their personalities. as each snake wrapped its body around a city targeted for destruction, another would join and then another until nothing, but a ball of snakes was left and then flash they were destroyed in an instant-all that were formerly humans got more monster looking in their appearance and turned into non-thinking entities! I was given the names of 13 states with their specified cities that will face their soon coming destruction-sq-as always take this and all dreams and visions to the lord Jesus and seek him for his wisdom and direction, provision, and protection! Now is the time to get right with Jesus through repentance and surrender to him as lord and savior-pray for the discerning of spirits which is a gift of god's holy spirit!


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