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The situation is DIRE, the choice is black and white, and we must all make our decisions NOW!

Hi, Steve

On Sept. 1, I woke up from an extremely vivid dream that emphasized how susceptible people are to demonic possession. When I read the details of the open vision you posted on your website (Sept. 3), my heart almost stopped. It confirmed the genuine danger of demons quickly entering people in huge numbers.

The dream had three scenes:

In the first scene, I was standing at a window looking out into a wooded area. It appeared late in the evening, and everything in the forest was swaying and groaning as if a strong, steady wind was blowing through the land. The sound that this 'wind' made was the most unnatural and ungodly howling I had ever heard in my life. I knew immediately that it was something entirely evil and supernatural in origin. As I watched in horror, an audible voice above me said, "Goetia."

In the second scene, thick, dense darkness completely enveloped every inch of the land. Within this suffocating black fog, it was impossible to see anything. I had to navigate my way through the house's different rooms by staying close to the walls and feeling my way around. I knew I was safe in the place, but I was still in total shock about just how pitch black everything had become. No words can adequately describe that darkness!

Finally, in scene three, I was watching a person outside. He seemed pretty harmless and unremarkable at first; he was just another 'average Joe' and 100% human. However, something unmistakable demonic entered him from out of the supernatural darkness. Instantly, everything about the man changed. His lips curled back into a terrifying, diabolical grin, his demeanor and posture became very sinister and menacing, and his eyes became almost cat-like. I found the eyes to be the most disturbing change for some reason. They turned a strange yellowish gold color and seemed to have an eerie, glowing luminescence that set them apart from any other 'normal' creature. The essence of pure evil emanating from those eyes was so extreme that it felt like a shockwave of cold terror cutting right through me.

I felt God urgently warning that the vast majority of people (even many of those who think of themselves as being Christian) have freely given license to the demonic to enter into them. Most people who opened the door for the wicked did so unwittingly but effectively. Simply watching certain movies, listening to certain types of music, engaging in idle gossip, etc., left people open. And when it came time to enter into those people, the demons could do so with little or no resistance. As I was waking up from that dream, it was as if God was virtually yelling the word 'DIRE!!!' He wanted to emphasize to everyone exactly how dire the situation today is. Anyone who does NOT want to run the risk of falling under the demonic influence needs to turn away from any sinful practices NOW! If people are watching pornography, stop doing it NOW!! If people are slandering others, stop doing it NOW!! If people are caught up in drug use, fornication, and gossip...stop doing these things NOW!! The Lord strongly impressed me that the world has 'turned a corner. The evil that has been loosed is so pervasive and so powerful that the only way to stay under God's protection is to consciously/willfully turn away from sin, repent with total sincerity, revoke all rights the demonic has been given in our lives, and "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." The situation is DIRE, the choice is black and white, and we must all make our decisions NOW!


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