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Prophetic Dream

U.S. Land Invasion by Chinese; Citizens Forced Out of Home and State

In a dream on September 14 2017, I saw my husband and I standing outside of our home. Though it did not look like our area, I knew it was. We were walking about, with a sense of knowing that we were somehow on our way out. As time passed, we slowly acknowledged that we were not going to be living there anymore, yet were perplexed and without direction.

As we walked around, not knowing exactly what was happening or where we were going, I suddenly noticed that Chinese people began appearing everywhere. I did not recognize any Americans, only Chinese people.

I felt like we stood out because we were the only Americans I could see. I looked around at them, as it seemed like they were all now living here. We continued walking, and in doing so, the feeling of us not belonging there anymore was intensifying. There was even a sense of feeling afraid that had me thinking, “Where are we going? What are we going to do?” We clung to one another like lost little children.

As we walked on a sidewalk, we soaked in the beauty of our surroundings where we lived. Suddenly, we knew we were getting a last look at our area we loved so much. Ahead of us was a small hill. At the top was what looked like a little building. I said to my husband Jon, “Hey look, before we leave, let’s go up there and get a bite to eat”. Then I realized we did not have enough money to spend on food as I stuck my hand in my pocket and pulled out only a small amount enough for coffee.

I said, “Jon, we do not have enough for food, but we can at least purchase a cup of coffee and rest a little while”.

We walked up to the building and went in. It looked like some kind of lounge area. I saw only Chinese people inside. One man was reading a newspaper and drinking coffee, while another woman was on her laptop, and others were quietly talking.

I felt that we did not even belong there and though many were drinking coffee, there was nowhere for us, as Americans, to get coffee. We did not even bother sitting down because there was really no reason for us to be there. It was as if we were not welcome there, and that as Americans, we were phased out. The longer the dream went on, the more and more our knowledge increased that we were forced to leave – not because we wanted to.

At that moment, a Chinese woman walked in and introduced herself. She was friendly, but we knew she was not there just to be considerate, but that she was sent to us. She spoke to us in the same friendly manner, yet it was business. I cannot remember her exact words, but it was clear that she was sent to “help us”. She was unmistakably sent as an escort to transition us out of our home and state. She motioned to us that we had to leave the little building.

All three of us walked back down the hill to a small park near the ocean. My husband and I sat at a picnic bench on one side, and the Chinese woman sat on the other. She was letting us know there was no rush, to take our time before we had to go; so, we turned to look out to the ocean and watched surfers surfing and a few people walking on the seashore.

We both sat and took it all in, knowing we were looking at our sea for the very last time before we would be escorted out of our state.


It is clear this dream shows a land invasion; a Chinese take-over with us losing our rights as American citizens. The fact that we had almost no money left (the total amount that would add to a cup of coffee), shows our financial demise and our phase out. It was clear what was on the horizon having seen all the Chinese people living where we once did, as well as being forced and escorted out of our home and state.

Conclusion by Brook Ardoin:

The takeover seemed to come suddenly and without warning as Joanie and Jon were “perplexed” and “without direction”. They had no inclination of where they were headed or how this was possible due to financial lack. Whether the United States was already in a bad place monetarily or the Chinese just did not allow them to take saved money along, we do not know. Will the citizens be allowed to choose their destination or will the Chinese specify relocation?

On March 8, 2016, AMTM posted an interview with Joanie Stahl titled, “The Gathering Global Storm and God’s Guidance” (Episode 027). I posted the link at end of this article. In this interview, Joanie discusses a dream she had in January 2016. It is a short, but a jam-packed dream of a Chinese takeover of the nation.

In May of 2016, Joanie had another dream concerning the Chinese takeover of the U.S., in even greater detail than this recent one. I added the link at the bottom of this post for all who would like to read it. Joanie also added a dream given to Sean H., AMTM contributing writer, in which he also speaks of events coming out of Asia.

I highly recommend both the show interview and the article, both found below to tie into this dream along with any other sources you may have heard who discuss a Chinese invasion upon our land. As I always say, do not take the word of just AMTM, but be willing to take the time and look into all three sources (this one included); take it all before the Lord in prayer and ask His direction and revelation of this material. No doubt the warnings/messages are ripe involving China – what will we do with the information is the question?

One noteworthy incident from the May 2016 dream, as compared to this latest one, is how the Chinese took everything from their home that Joanie deemed “of our American culture and lives”. They were then able to return to their homes later, only to find that nothing belonged to them any longer – the Chinese took complete ownership. In this recent dream, it is evident they would never be returning to their homes as the Chinese took over and began a process of “helping” them through it in order to remove them from their state. So, we see first a temporary removal from their home, and now a permanent removal and the uncertainty of where they will go/live.

In either case, the main point to take away from these dreams is that one of the greatest agendas of the Chinese is the complete takeover of real estate and land in the USA. Most of us are already aware, but for those who are not, the Chinese already own a huge portion of land and real estate in America. They have acquired more and more over the last several years. Many have reported they have done so as collateral against the US.

In this regard, once the Chinese invade the USA (as seen in dreams and visions of many prominent men and women of God), they will already have a solid position in owning much within the United States as far as large corporations (such as energy plants), National Parks, etc.

Once inside our borders, their focus will turn to forcing American citizens out of our homes and property. Will we first be allowed to return under their ownership for a brief time (as can be read about in full in below link to article), or will they immediately force us out? Will they play a role in FEMA camps? If so, what would happen to US citizens in these camps? These different scenarios are solely my own questions/thoughts in relation to the content of the dreams as real possibilities.

Regardless of what all will transpire, or if we are here when it does, all we must do as God’s children is remain faithful in prayer and communion with Him – in Him lies the fullness of our safety and protection. God always has a remnant, but we must do our part and continue to reside under the shadow of the Almighty. The victory belongs to the Lord!

Brook Ardoin


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