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Six Tips To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Scientists have dubbed the condition of being a zombie 'Conscious Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder', or CDHD, which they describe as an acquired syndrome in which infected people lack control over their actions.

Don't fight: Zombies wouldn't have the neural responses to care about pain, so unless you could shoot to kill, it would be best to run for it.

Keep quiet: Zombies with 'CDHD' would have very little memory and poor concentration, so if you hid, something else would likely capture their attention, keeping you safe. The different definitions for CDHD are explained later in this article.

Distract them: Damage to zombies' posterior parietal cortex would mean that they couldn't concentrate and would be at the mercy of whatever grabs their attention. Try fireworks for a quick getaway.

Out-run them: This only would only work with CDHD-1 zombies, who would only be able to lumber along clumsily.

Don't try reason: 'CDHD presents with a massive dysfunction of the language circuits in the brain. This means that zombies can't understand what you're saying, nor can they talk back,' the neuroscientists warn. Their 'fight' reaction would dominate, leaving you pleading with an angry hungry zombie.

Mimic them: Zombies wouldn't be able to recognise faces so they identify each other by movements and sounds. 'If confronted with a herd of the undead with no clear avenue of escape, do what Shaun and his friends did in 'Shaun of the dead' – act like a zombie. Do it with enough accuracy and you can wander through the herd undetected,' Professors Verstynen and Voytek say.


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