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The Dream Of The Giant Condor And The Eagle And The Ravaging That The Eagle Sustained

I believe the lord sent this dream.

Dear steve, Last night 11/25/21 at about 1 a.m. i believe the lord sent this dream. I was out doors, standing next to an suv i used to own. I noticed a shadow pass over me and looked up. Coming towards me was a large black bird. It looked something like a condor and the thing was huge, so naturally i jumped into the suv for protection. Once inside the suv i saw the bird crash down onto the roof, through the sun roof in the suv. Clutched in it's tallons was a bald eagle. It struggled to free it's self but it was hopeless. The entire body of the eagle was encased in the tallons of the black bird. I could see the black birds feet squeezing the eagle as it began to peck at the eagle's head with tremendous force. It was so strong that the glass in the sun roof began to crack. Fearing that i would be trapped in the car with this terrible black bird, if the sun roof gave way, i jumped out. No sooner had i cleared the door then the glass did break and both birds dropped down into the vehicle. I stopped to look back and saw the black bird come out of the roof spread it's wings and fly away. I checked on the eagle. It was horribly mangled and barely alive. The dream ended. I prayed about what i had seen and this is what i believe the lord showed to me. The black bird represents the disaster that is about to fall on this nation. It will be massive and totally overpowering. The eagle represents the united states. Comepletely helpless in the face of what is to come. The suv and myself represent the way people will seek shelter when the disaster comes. They will look to the old familar ways of being protected, and they will work for a short time, but in the end they will fail. The eagle still living after the attack, as well as myself, proves the truth of god's word when he says that he will always have a remnant. Beaten and bloodied, but there will be a remnant. As you always say, with all dreams take it to the lord and see if this is true. Yours in christ, bill


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