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The Policy Of Blood And Mysticism

Ukrainian workers found strange graves at a construction in one of the towns in the south of Ukraine. The graves were found at the depth of two or two and a half meters.

At first they thought that it was an ancient Scythian graveyard. Then, someone saw a medallion of a German soldier in one of the coffins. The finding was a grave of German soldiers. However, when archeologists arrived to the site, they were shocked with what they saw. Some of the human skeletons in the grave had their spines sawn lengthwise. Some of them did not have heads, others had skull trepanation. Other skeletons had little holes drilled in cannon-bones. After that, there were tens of other graves found. They were all covered with lime and calcium chloride. Some of those human remains preserved the vestiges of chemical impact. Someone was trying to find a "third eye" in the heads of several officers: their skulls were opened in several places.

Experts determined that the found graves were the vestiges of Ahnenerbe's activities. This was the most secret organization of the Third Reich. The people of the true Arian race were its victims. Ahnenerbeâs doctors believed that medical tests and experiments were supposed to eventually result in a new breed of a human being.

Scythian fields are not the only place, where Nazi mystics performed their horrid tests. They were travelling all over the world. Ahnenerbe means "Ancestors Inheritance," the organization appeared in 1933. After the establishment of Hitler's regime in Germany, Ahnenerbe was entrusted with searching for anything about spirit, traditions, peculiar features of the Indo-German Nordic race. In 1937 Ahnenerbe was incorporated into SS. The study of the ancient German history was conducted with only one goal - to prove the superiority of the Aryan race within a scope of the Nazi race doctrine.

First-class scientists took part in the research. They performed expeditions to Tibet, the Middle East and Ukraine. When WWII started, the research of the ancient German culture was reduced. New projects were totally devoted to anthropological research, including infamous research in Dachau and Auschwitz.

Ahnenerbe was founded by philosopher Friedrich Gilscher and doctor German Hirt. It is interesting that professor Gilscher has never been a member of the Nazi party. He was in friendly relations with Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. In the beginning of 1940s, Hirt was appointed for the position of the chairman of the Anatomic Institute in Strasbourg. The institute was working on the scientific substantiation of the race theory. In the summer of 1944 Hirt was ordered to destroy his laboratories. He did not manage to do that, so the allied troops found numerous beheaded corpses over there. Hirt disappeared afterwards. People say that he was seen in Chile and in Paraguay.

Karl Maria Willigut was the most conspicuous person in the organization. He was known as an outstanding specialist in the field of black magic. He was called Himmler's Rasputin, due to his immense influence on Nazi high-ranking officials. His last name is translated as the "god of will." According to the mystical terminology, this is a synonym to a "fallen angel." Karl Willigut died in 1946, he was never called into criminal account for his activities.

It is also worth mentioning that Ahnenerbe maintained contacts with Tibet. When Soviet troops entered Berlin in 1945, they were very surprised to find thousands of Tibetan corpses in SS uniform.

Ahnenerbe's members were all tall muscular blond men, like in all other Nazi services. They were supposed to get married in their twenties. Marriages could only be racially pure. Ahnenerbe was preoccupied with the same issues that the Soviet Institute of Human Brain. They tried to invent a psychotropic weapon there in order to obtain control over a human mind. Experiments and tests were performed on people. Ahnenerbe also dealt with the study of occultism, vivisection on people, espionage, invention of the arms of retaliation, and so on and so forth. By the end of the war, Germans had nine scientific enterprises that were testing the projects of "flying disks." Some scientists say that Ahnenerbe had a big base in Antarctica. There are rumors that the base still exists. According to other rumors, there is an underground city called New Berlin over there, with two million-strong population. The people of the underground city allegedly deal with genetic engineering and space exploration. An indirect proof of such a city is the fact that UFOs can be often seen around the South Pole. In 1976 the Japanese fixed 19 round objects at once. They all came down on Antarctica from space and vanished from radar screens. Furthermore, scientists found several ownerless satellites on the orbit of the Earth.

Crystal skulls were one of the most mysterious findings of the 20th century. The skulls were found in Central America during the expedition of a well-known English archaeologist Albert Mitchell. The skulls were delivered to one of Brazilian museums. Ahnenerbe agents were detained after an attempt to rob that museum in 1943. They said during interrogations that they had been sent to South America with a special task: to get crystal skulls. Nazis were hoping that Aryan ancestors' knowledge would allow them to create a superman and place other people under their command. Some experts say that those crystal skulls were made in Atlantis. If it was really so, then it is clear, why SS was so interested in them. When the war was over, the majority of Ahnenerbe members disappeared without leaving a trace.


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