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The Tragedy of Four Civilizations

Any kind of civilization will be ruined, if it does not think of its own immortality

We are used to treating myths and legends as something that does not actually exist. However, if we have a closer look on the cultural inheritance of the people, we might notice remarkable things. For example, some peoples that live absolutely separately from each other, have legends that describe one and the same thing or event. Those legends can surely have certain differences, but they are basically the same. Scientist Vladimir Shemchuk paid his attention to that curious peculiarity of folklore and compared them to certain facts from the history of our planet. Shemchuk got the following picture of life on planet Earth over thousands of years.

The Bible has a legend that there used to be a Gold Age on the planet. Then it was changed with Silver Age, then there was the Bronze Age, and it was all over with the Iron Age. The legends of American Indians, of the African and Australian tribes say that planet Earth was first inhabited with demigods - the Assures (Titans). Then there were the Atlants. The Atlants were smaller than the Titans, they soon died, and then there was the civilization of giants.

We are used to judging on ancient civilizations as badly developed and primitive ones. Yet, some findings in mines prove that the people of ancient civilization could mine coal, they had electricity and manufactured plastic things. All ancient written sources of information mention giants. Most likely, those abundant written legends about giants give certain reasons to believe that giants actually lived on our planet thousands of years ago. This theory explains, why ancient constructions and buildings were so huge. It was not simply because of the wish to show their power. It was a need for giant people.

Five stone figures were preserved in an Afghan village not far from Kabul. One of them is two meters high, another one is six, then there is a figure of 18 meters, the fourth one is 38 and the last one is 54 meters high. Local people do not know the origin of those statues. Some of them think that they guard their village. However, Shemchuk believes that the height of each statue corresponds to the true height of ancient people.

Assures could not live in the atmosphere that the planet had during those times. They were too big, they would kill themselves with their own weight. They were 50 meters high, they weighed 30 tons, their shoulders were 12 meters wide, their bodies were five meters thick. Russian epic legend about a man called Svyatogor says that he was basically lying all the time, because it was too hard for him to carry the weight of his own body.

Our ancestors were all long-livers, to say the least. Alapar, the second divine Babylonian ruler, was reigning for 10 800 years. This means that Assures’ average age reached 50 thousand years. Shemchuk calculated that having the height of 50 meters allowed to live for tens of thousands of years. The civilization of Assures lasted for 100-200 generations.

In 1965 Italian scientist Kolossimo summarized the information of all archeological expeditions that people knew. He came to conclusion that planet Earth used to be the arena of battles with the use of nuclear power. A lot of ancient sources mention the weapon, which reminds modern nukes. Melted stones were found in Gobi desert, in the Middle East, in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

Shemchuk believes that the global catastrophe on the planet was a nuclear one. Ancient legends described mutations (Cyclop monsters with one eye only). Archeologists would find strange skeletons that had several rows of teeth. Another radioactive mutation is the Mongolian race.

Numerous nuclear explosions resulted in hard rains, which in their turn led to the global flood. After the flood, there was a nuclear winter, which is scientifically known as global freezing. Fires made the atmosphere of the Earth less rarefied, which was not good for giant forms of life.

Practically all nations and tribes have a legend, a myth, or a tale about dragons. North American Indians had a legend about the invasion of monster dragons that killed our ancestors’ civilization. One could assume that our planet was seized with dragons.

A civilization will inevitably vanish, if it does not think of its own immortality. Scientist Shemchuk urged everyone to pay attention to ecological issues, to the development of people’s psychophysical abilities. Scientist’s works had only one goal – to make people understand that it is time to take serious measures. Otherwise, our civilization will be ruined.


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