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The vision started with the statue of liberty being made of cheese, and as I watched rats of every shape and color, all were gnawing away at the base of freedom and swarming all over the statue.

I saw rats in business suits in boardrooms, banks, and in all our highest offices; of the land-while watching this, I saw the entertainment rats doing tricks for the people so that their audience wouldn't see the statue being eaten up before their eyes. The political rats would protect the rights of the vermin. People were no longer allowed to use rat traps or poison to rid their homes or country of the rats-as the rats left their waste across the landscape -disease and famine broke out, and the people started to get wise to the entertainment rats and fled the 'mainstream news circuses' that had so enthralled them-. Still, it was too late as immediately before my eyes, the map and outline of the North American continent came clearly into focus, and from ships and planes came the total onslaught of more ferocious rats from foreign nations who fanned out across the country-every form of food was devoured as the insatiable appetite of the rats grew bolder and bolder, as the people died the rats would feast on their dead bodies. Even more virulent forms of disease increased. The pictures in my mind then turned to the ghettos of immigrants in western Europe, and the lack of sanitation and discarded garbage became infested. The once-great cities of Europe became 'dead zones' as the entertainment and news rats kept everyone looking at Europe to keep the people from seeing the same events happening in the u.s that were taking place in their cities. Across America's political landscape, the rats conferred around their excellent boardrooms, bunkers, and bases. The 'head rats' were bragging about how they had destroyed the old civilization and would bring about 'their new kingdom of rats' -when the food ran out, the u.s. Rats realized they would be dinner for the foreign rats as there was nothing left to devour, but the lesser rats failed to recognize that 'the new world rat order' had arrived, and they were now the ones on the menu! Take this to the Lord Jesus in prayer and ask him how to 'rat proof' your families, your lives, your substance, and god"s plans for your life!

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