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Witnessed In Turkey Are Just The Beginning…

The complete and utter devastation that we are seeing in Turkey right now should break all of our hearts.

Hundreds of buildings have collapsed, and thousands upon thousands of dead and injured people are trapped under the rubble. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit Turkey early on Monday is the largest earthquake that the region has experienced in a century. Sadly, that giant quake was followed by a relentless series of aftershocks that included another giant quake. The shaking continues even as I write this article, and there are some parts of Turkey that will never be the same again after this.

Back on January 4th, I warned that 2023 would be “a year of great natural disasters”, and unfortunately that is exactly what is happening. Our planet continues to become even more unstable, and we have been witnessing large earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions occur with a frequency that is quite alarming.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that just struck Turkey is the most deadly seismic event that we have seen so far this year. It is being reported that it could actually be felt all the way in Greenland

Tremors from the powerful earthquake that rocked Turkey and neighbouring Syria on Monday were felt as far away as Greenland, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland said. “The large earthquakes in Turkey were clearly registered on the seismographs in Denmark and Greenland,” seismologist Tine Larsen told AFP.

I was stunned when I first read that.

As buildings fell down all around them, some people in Turkey actually believed that “judgement day” had arrived.

As I write this article, we are being told that “at least 3,500 people” have died, but that number will inevitably grow much larger as more bodies are pulled from the rubble…

At least 3,500 people in both countries are known to have been killed – 2,316 of these in Turkey, more than 700 people in opposition-controlled Syria and 538 in government-held areas of Syria, reports Sky. In Turkey entire apartment blocks crashed to the ground in a matter of seconds following the quakes, trapping families inside and killing thousands.

According to reports from the region, the magnitude 7.8 earthquake caused approximately 90 seconds of shaking, and social media is filled with videos of tall buildings collapsing into heaps in just moments.

Subsequently, a series of large aftershocks did even more damage.

The largest aftershock was a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that was originally reported to be a magnitude 7.7 earthquake.

And even more huge earthquakes followed that one, and even more buildings fell down.

I have never seen anything quite like this.

There have been more than 60 large earthquakes in the region, and countless numbers of people that are trapped under the rubble are desperately hoping that rescuers can get to them in time

Victims trapped in collapsed buildings have been pleading for help as rescuers desperately try to free them – with some people even broadcasting on Facebook Live while trapped to try and get aid. Heartbreaking photos and videos have shown emergency services pulling the bodies of children from the rubble in multiple cities, as well as miraculous rescues with people somehow being carried out alive after the catastrophe.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

One seismologist named Tyler Metcalf is warning that we could see a whole lot of shaking all over the planet over the next few days…

Seismologist Tyler Metcalf explains what’s likely to happen now: The big #earthquakes in #Turkey have likely led to destabilization of fault lines across the world. There could be many earthquakes in many areas across the world over the next few to several days.

Metcalf’s warning is based on an Oregon State University study that discovered that a major earthquake in one part of the globe can cause large earthquakes in other parts of the globe…

But the OSU analysis of seismic data from 1973 through 2016 — an analysis that excluded data from aftershock zones — using larger time windows than in previous studies, provided discernible evidence that in the three days following one large quake, other earthquakes were more likely to occur. Each test case in the study represented a single three-day window “injected” with a large-magnitude (6.5 or greater) earthquake suspected of inducing other quakes, and accompanying each case was a control group of 5,355 three-day periods that didn’t have the quake injection. “The test cases showed a clearly detectable increase over background rates,” said the study’s corresponding author, Robert O’Malley, a researcher in the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences. “Earthquakes are part of a cycle of tectonic stress buildup and release. As fault zones near the end of this seismic cycle, tipping points may be reached and triggering can occur.” The higher the magnitude, the more likely a quake is to trigger another quake. Higher-magnitude quakes, which have been happening with more frequency in recent years, also seem to be triggered more often than lower-magnitude ones.

Speaking of large earthquakes in other parts of the globe, we just witnessed the largest earthquake that the Buffalo area has experienced “in 40 years”

A 3.8-magnitude earthquake struck Monday morning near Buffalo, New York, the strongest recorded in the area in 40 years. The quake hit 1.24 miles east-northeast of West Seneca, New York, with a depth of 1.86 miles around 6:15 a.m., according to the United States Geological Survey.

Yes, this is really happening.

We are entering an era when there will be extremely powerful earthquakes in diverse places.

Our planet has never been a particularly stable place, and now it is becoming a lot less stable.

There will be many more major geophysical events in 2023 and beyond, and the death and devastation that we will see will be absolutely staggering.

But most people don’t want to hear this.

What most people want to hear is that everything is going to be just fine.

I could tell you that, but it wouldn’t be true.

What we have just witnessed in Turkey is just the beginning, because even greater shaking is on the way.


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